The Last of the Real Ones: On Big Baby Scumbag’s “Fall Out Boy”

Will Schube takes a quick look at the Tampa Bay rapper's emo-referencing new single.
By    May 10, 2019

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Will Schube is just a notch in your bedpost but you’re just a line in a song.

Big Baby Scumbag seems more like a sweetheart than a scoundrel. Sure, the Tampa Bay born rapper eats Top Ramen for the taste and is pushing for a sponsorship with Bud Light, but our large adult scumbag has the heart of a rascal, not a menace. Take “Fall Out Boy,” his latest cut. First of all, it’s called “Fall Out Boy.” If that doesn’t endear you to our baby’s cause, I’m not sure what will. But in the video we get Popeyes and pitbulls—the only important ‘p’s’ there are…Sorry, Nick Young.

Don’t let Scumbag’s intro fool you, though. There are claims of rockstar shit and booty shaking, but when the low-end coalesces and Baby begins to rap, games and jokes are retired in favor of a double time flow that recalls UK grime as much as it does anything coming out of Florida.

Scumbag rocks the all-gold front and I’ve already put in an order with dentist. He drives around in a beige Jeep and I’ve got an appointment at the dealership tomorrow. My truck is on Craigslist. It’s a white Ford Ranger, give it a look. All this to say: Big Baby Scumbag is both an excellent rapper and an extremely charming personality. He’s a scumbag in the same way your uncle who drinks a little too much at family events is. You would be upset, if he didn’t flash that gold front your way in a knowing admission of one too many Bud heavy’s.

At the end of the video, Big Baby alternates between a fifth of Jack Daniels and that famous Bud Light. So now, I’m off to the bar.

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