Song of the Day: Pollari – “Rackies”

Lucas Foster explores the Atlanta rapper's Neilaworld-produced track.
By    October 2, 2019

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Lucas Foster has resisted our pleas to evaluate the new Shaq diss track.

On Saturday night around 1, I hopped in an Uber pool alone and immediately demanded the aux. I played Pollari’s recent Baby Jesus 2 EP and when new passengers came in I switched it to Dipset and immediately a hispanic skater in the back said “yo don’t turn off the ‘lari bro!” Pollari has an audience, a major label deal, and was part of the Awful Records wave that changed music in the middle of the decade. While for a moment he stagnated, this year he advanced his sound, integrating latent influence from Carti, labelmate BBYGOYARD, and other auto-tune innovators and production from neilaworld into glistening and spacey pop music. 

This DJ Phat loosie from July’s Baby Jesus 2 EP isn’t quite as good as that project or snippets from his upcoming album, but it’s been engaging enough to replay. The neilaworld packs are hitting different right now. The crew is already important to not merely just the Soundcloud world, but pop music at large. They feature nearly twenty good to excellent producers, alongside Lil Tracy, Belis, and Kevin Kazi as rappers. Their work is diverse, but generally pop-inclined. Besides their work with Pollari, a few of their producers went Gold with Lil Pump and they produced the entirety of Lil Tracy’s new album.

They and the artists they work with aren’t going anywhere.

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