Song of the Day: Danny Brown featuring Run the Jewels — “3 Tears”

Lucas Foster goes in on this new JPEGMAFIA-produced track of all-stars.
By    October 3, 2019

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Lucas Foster has never tried Adderall.

This decade’s unassailable critical darlings all united in one place for the lead single on Danny Brown’s new album. Off rip, I don’t think I could excite the POW readership anymore than the prospect of Danny and RTJ on a Peggy beat. But this doesn’t, really, quite sound like an industrial and orchestral attack on rap conventions.

This album was executive produced by Q-Tip, and appropriately, Peggy’s contribution to production sounds like what Prince Paul did on the first two Gravediggaz records. In fact, go play them back and tell me if the resemblance isn’t almost exactly on the nose. It’s not what I expected, but it’s a very good track. I’m sure our comment section can fill in the rest. 

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