Doomsday: A Quarantine Mix

Will Hagle promotes public safety by offering this cool mix featuring Doom, Dylan, and "Dr. Carter."
By    March 25, 2020

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Will Hagle is sad all the kissing booths are closed.

So I would like to interrupt you with the opportunity to listen to this doomsday megamix that I made during day 1 of my quarantine.

A cough is an interruption, so what you will hear at the beginning of the doomsday megamix is MF Doom describing how he used to cough a lot being interrupted by a  young Bob Dylan performing Suze (Cough Song).” Atop the live instrumental, Mr. Lif recites his vaguely pandemic-referencing lyrics to “The Fries,” with lines like “It spans across lands / African soils, Arabian sands / It’s airborne yet it seeps through dams” and “The people are dead, but the money keeps talking.”

It wouldn’t be doomsday without cable news telling us that it is doomsday, or that doomsday is a Democratic hoax designed to attack the president, as Sean Hannity wrongly suggests. So Aesop Rock’s “Basic Cable” is here to remind us how often we sat in front of our television sets, even when we weren’t quarantined.

Speaking of which: this doomsday megamix is less than 20 minutes long. Pause your binge-watching and put on some headphones or turn up your speakers. Take a break and listen to it and breathe while you still can. Make a TikTok of it. Open your windows and sing along like you’re in Italy. Say it loudly and proudly with me and Jay Electronica: “What a time we’re living in, it’s like the scriptures said: earthquakes fires plagues, the resurrection of the dead.”

Sometimes it snows in April. Sometimes you don’t get to go outside to play in the snow anymore.

Oh yeah, this mix ends with Lil Wayne’s “Dr. Carter” for no particular reason other than YOU ARE WELCOME!


MF Doom — “Doomsday”

Bob Dylan — “Suze (Cough Song)”
Mr. Lif — “The Fries (acapella at Pearl Street in Northampton, MA on 2/10/07)”
Aesop Rock — “Basic Cable”
NOFX — “You’re Wrong”
Jay Electronica — “The Neverending Story”
Prince — “Sometimes It Snows In April”
2Pac — “Only Fear Of Death”
Lil Wayne — “Dr. Carter”
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