POW Premiere: Daedelus ― “Henosis”

POW premieres the latest single from Daedelus' forthcoming 'What Wands Won't Break.'
By    May 7, 2020

Will Schube learned the accordion after hearing “Experience.”

Daedelus has spent nearly two decades rewriting the rules of electronic music, building dance tracks that deny a drop and rhythmic bombs that willfully defy traditional four on the floor bliss. Instead, Daedelus has gravitated towards a melodically-leaning philosophy that emphasizes the differences between electronic and acoustic textures, and the way they can come together in disparate harmony. But with his newest LP, a sprawling, 23-track album titled What Wands Won’t Break, Daedelus strips these tracks bare, leaving rhythm and bass to run the show. This is Daedelus’ first LP since joining Berklee College of Music as an Assistant Professor and a founding faculty member of EDI (Electronic Digital Instrument), and experimentation leads the way on the album.

Teaming up with Dome of Doom to release the LP, Daedelus has concocted a magnum opus for a minimal age. Ahead of the album release on Friday, Passion of the Weiss is premiering “Henosis,” a frenetic and thrilling track that uses the tenets of juke music to disjoint melody from any sort of predictable scale or order.

Regarding the track, Daedelus had this to say: “‘Henosis’ is an old way of referring to unity, maybe tinged with the longing for. How it does feel like now. It’s been gut punches and elbows for some weeks, and I’m fixated on this album to ask much of what I’ve longed to wish aloud.”

Stream the track below and pre-order the album here.

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