Sad Girl Learn to Swim

Will Schube takes a dip into the newest song from the Los Angeles garage-pop trio.
By    July 6, 2020

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For Will Schube, every day is Big Fit Friday.

SadGirl embody the highs and lows of Los Angeles like few bands do. The music engages with ‘50s and ‘60s pop, swinging along to oceanside drives and late nights after the summer heat recedes, but lyrically, Misha Lindes prefers the gut punch. The band’s newest single and accompanying video, “Learn to Swim,” was initially intended to be the first song done for their new LP, but in the wake of the pandemic, the prescient chorus of “Guess that I better learn to swim” took on new meaning and the band jumped to release it as soon as possible. The video features a red claymation figure with a jawn-worthy cowboy hat floating in a pool. It’s funny, but our clay buddy looks sad

The song features a calliope of a breakdown, with a vintage-sounding keyboard leading the group from post-chorus to verse. Lindes lets himself drown in his own words, a subtle and nice continuation from his band’s debut LP, Water. The group is fairly obsessed with the liquid property, populating their songs with images of swimming and fluidity. What better place to make this kind of music than in LA, where surviving can feel like drowning but one good day keeps you from leaving. Just keep on treading.

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