Worst Roommate Ever: Fat Tony And Blockhead’s “I’m Thinking ‘Bout Moving”

Will Schube writes about Fat Tony's brilliant new song produced by Blockhead, which is a funny yet all too relatable story about terrible roommates.
By    May 18, 2023

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Will Schube still can’t believe Larry David got Salman Rushdie to say ‘fatwa sex’ on Curb Your Enthusiasm..

Fat Tony’s discography is among the most versatile in indie rap, but one thing unites all his work: the fact that he’s one of the funniest in the game. There’s Texas trap, ACAB anthems, and spiritual sequels to “The Gambler,” but the throughline is a wicked sense of humor. These aren’t corny one-liners built for white FX stars or 8 Mile parodies. Tony’s work is hyper-detailed from line to line, and the granularity gives the work an “I’ve been there” relatability, that’s equal parts hilarious and depressing. His latest track is “I’m Thinking ’Bout Moving” with New York producer and Aesop Rock/billy woods collaborator Blockhead. The track’s narrative is something I don’t want to relate to, but unfortunately know all too well. “Moving” is an ode to those who have chosen the miserable task of packing up and finding a new place to live just to avoid another unpleasant day with a mouth-breathing mess.

Moving is basically like flushing money down the toilet, but at least that would leave you in a better place than Tony–who details a roommate who refused to say goodbye to his bullshit (he means this literally). Rent sucks. Paying $5,000 to move cross country to continue paying rent sucks even more. Living with a stranger so indifferent to your personal needs that home feels like a hostage cell makes those first two palatable.

Look, I lost three boxes of clothes in a cross-country move but I’d give away the clothes off my back if it meant no longer having to live with the chronic Uber Eats-ordering video game obsessive who planted his flag on my couch for six months. Blockhead, who’s the closest thing rap has to Portishead’s Geoff Barrow gives the song a creeping edge that conveys the true horrors of shitty roommates. When Tony recalls some of the shocking misbehaviors he’s witnessed, the humor is less a laugh track than the call is coming from inside the house. This is Halloween level synth work. It’s a wise choice from the two artists considering that Tony always sounds like he’s having a great time, even if he’s choosing between going broke and sharing space with abhorrent stinkers. It’s the chef’s kiss of capitalism, and a little bit funny, too. But as Fat Tony points out, if you don’t flush down your roommates shit, it’s just gonna stay there.

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