Peter Holslin goes in on 3Phaz and Tor5y's intriguing new project.
Michael McKinney returns for the latest edition of Slam on the CDJ to highlight the best DJ sets from the past month, featuring DJ Tarba, Moopie, PC Music and more.
Peter Holslin speaks to author Andew Simon about his book diving into cassette culture in modern Egypt, why they horrified the government, his extensive research process and much more.
The tribute project to one of Arabic pop's most influential artists highlights his impact on Egypt and its music, Yousef Srour writes.
The Rise of Egyptian Trap August 31, 2021
The Egyptian trap scene feels like it emerged from thin air, but after the government banned mahraganat, hip-hop has flourished in its place.
Peter Holslin presents a mix of his favorite Egyptian songs of late.
Peter Holslin introduces us to the five best song he's heard since moving to Cairo.
The leaders of Egypt's Electro-Chaabi rap movement continue to thrive
Peter Holslin built pyramids in a past life. The more I listen to hardcore Egyptian street rap, the more it resembles American hip-hop. The Cairo movement, known as “electro cha3bi” or “mahraganat,” may have a distinctly local flavor, but anybody who’s gotten their pupils dilated to the sounds of Chief Keef or Sicko Mobb would […]
Peter Holslin pulled up at the club in a helicopter The Egyptian street-rap movement known as “electro chaabi” took root in a Cairo suburb. But by now, it’s pretty much become a global phenomenon, with beat heads and sonic collectors from all over the world devouring the FruityLoops grooves and Auto-Tuned rhymes of DJ Figo, […]