Peter Holslin built pyramids in a past life. The more I listen to hardcore Egyptian street rap, the more it resembles American hip-hop. The Cairo movement, known as “electro cha3bi” or “mahraganat,” may have a distinctly local flavor, but anybody who’s gotten their pupils dilated to the sounds of Chief Keef or Sicko Mobb would […]
Max Bell once played basketball with Nate Dogg.  Last week, a friend and recent L.A. transplant told me 2Pac and Dr. Dre songs left still bodies staring at the deserted dance floor of a Westside lounge. Outsiders equate lack of motion to tracks from the accepted West Coast rap suzerain with treason. And yet, this reaction […]
Max Bell is just chillin eating lamb brain I gave up on my unspoken dream of becoming a rapper a long time ago. There are enough decent white rappers and Aesop Rock is already Aesop Rock. But there was a time when I wrote rhymes in the margins of college ruled notebooks, more focused on […]
The weather has no bearing on the blues. They will overtake you in sunny Santa Monica or in the coldest Chicago winter. The question is not if, but when. I’m not exactly feeling the blues now, but they’re never wholly gone. They wait in a street sign or a supermarket that forever signifies more than […]
Fall in L.A. isn’t markedly different than any other season of the year. There are fewer seventy-five and sunny let’s-go-to-the-beach days. And there are people (read: mental defectives) who wear heavy winter coats when the temp drops below sixty-five. Still, fall in L.A. isn’t really fall, just like the woman serving your latte isn’t really […]
It never rains in San Diego. I guess some people think that’s a good thing, but I think it sucks. I love the fresh smell that comes with rain, the warmth of staying inside, and the sound of cars streaking by. I like the grey skies and gloom: Staying indoors and wallowing in a bed […]
Over the past several years, I’ve noticed some trends in my listening habits with regard to the changing of the seasons. In the spring and summer, I typically listen to more uptempo rock and electronic music, but in the fall and winter, after all the cookouts and music festivals have ended, it’s folk, alt-country and […]
Pumpkin via Figueroa Newton, courtesy of this post from the indefatigable Shea Serrano Last Friday, I was invited to Dublab to do a two hour guest set. Since I’m only 13 (but my mind is old), I devoted the mix to hip hop songs inclined towards All Hallows Eve. Predictably, there was a lot of […]