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Luca Brasi 2 - Kevin Gates

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Black Messiah - D'Angelo & The Vanguard

Reflections - Gil Scott-Heron

Golden Skies - Mono/Poly

Conversation Peace - Stevie Wonder


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Arsenal Football Club

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The Long Valley - John Steinbeck

Every Love Story Is A Ghost Story - D.T. Max

Synecdoche, New York - Charlie Kaufman

The Book of Tea - Okakura Kakuzo

Photos of Manzanar - Ansel Adams

Showa 1926-1939 - Shigeru Mizuki

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Dweez has been assigned Steve Zahn as a doppleganger on more than one occasion. “This was a brief glittering moment of jazz as straight-up entertainment before the music was bogged down by academia and oppressive seriousness. Jazz was once the music of the people, and an element of entertainment value was not just provided: it […]
If not wearing pants is cool, you can call Dweez Miles Davis. “I love women. I never needed any help or ever had any trouble finding women. I just like to be with them, talking and shit like that. But I never have messed with a musician’s girlfriend. Never. Even if she hadn’t been with […]
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