Snowmageddon 2015 didn’t blow up as expected. Brian Josephs is sad French Montana won’t be on the remix. The uncovered treasure that’s the Roman Coppola-directed “Too Many Rappers” video naturally comes with a sting. It’s clearly incomplete and coincidentally serves as a hard reminder of the unfortunate way the Beastie Boys went out: Accomplished, but […]
A quarter of a century after the genius of "Paul's Boutique", Alex Dwyer serves as our literary eggman
Chris Daly is always frontin and maxin’, chillin in the car he spent all day waxin’ I realize the summer solstice just passed, but it’s already been a long summer. Fortunately, this isn’t my first rodeo, so I’ve got a couple of gems to share to keep things cool when it’s too damn hot otherwise. […]
Chris Daly invented the mullet. Semi-obscure hip-hop trivia time, kids, and no Google cheating. Who was the first band signed to the Beastie Boys’ ill-fated Grand Royal label who incidentally just released a brand, spanking new album? Here’s a hint: they played the high school band in the “Dance Fever” episode of “The Adventures of […]