Brian Josephs
Brian Josephs is a sometimes good guy who hasn't slept for like five days. He prefers "Purple Rain" to the rosary. The kid is also a writer who's contributed to XXL, Complex, Consequence of Sound, and others.

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Freddie Gibbs' Pinata

Joy Division

FKA Twigs' LP1

Flying Lotus' and Kendrick Lamar's Never Catch Me

Ghostface Killah's Supreme Clientele

D'Angelo's Black Messiah


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30 Rock season 1

The Sopranos Season 1

Z Gundam


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The New Jim Crow

Passion of the Weiss takes the week to celebrate the life and mourn the death of David Bowie.
Thundercat's New EP 'The Beyond: Where The Giants Roam' is out now Brainfeeder. #ListenToMoreJazzFusion
Even the sun goes down, heroes eventually die, horoscopes often lie.
Brian Josephs is on the hunt for Meek Mill’s blazer. What makes Meek Mill recognizable (and meme-able) is his caps lock way of performing. But at least it comes with a purpose. Within that high volume, he has the ability to make that well-worn narrative of beating the odds feel momentous, even if the audience […]
From Rick James to Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy had managed to exploit famous musician friends for unintentionally comedic results.
Snowmageddon 2015 didn’t blow up as expected. Brian Josephs is sad French Montana won’t be on the remix. The uncovered treasure that’s the Roman Coppola-directed “Too Many Rappers” video naturally comes with a sting. It’s clearly incomplete and coincidentally serves as a hard reminder of the unfortunate way the Beastie Boys went out: Accomplished, but […]
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