An Interview with Josh Johnson December 11, 2020
Will Schube speaks to the jazz multi-instrumentalist about the intercontinental road that lead him to recording his new album, being "the bridge between L.A. and Chicago's already connected scenes," and more.
Joel Biswas speaks to the London saxophonist about going from studying to performing and teaching jazz music, the connection between London and Trinidad, and more.
The idea of a sixteen year old Bay Area janitor in 1968 led to a new live recording of the jazz demigod. Chris Robinson investigates.
Joel Biswas speaks to the multitalented London artist about growing up in Peckham, taking a hiatus from music, and his new project Wu Hen.
Will Schube speaks to the legendary San Francisco jazz musician about reuniting his epochal band the Pyramids.
Will Schube speaks to the Melbourne saxophonist about being inspired by J Dilla and the formation of the 30/70 collective.
The popular London bar has a house band influenced by Django Reinhardt and Ahmad Jamal. Chris Daly takes a look at their new album.
Chris Daly offers a few words on the Blue Note trio's fifth album.
The Jazz Lockdown Mix April 9, 2020
To celebrate National Jazz Appreciation Month (and to offer some music since we're all stuck at home), Leonel Manzanares de la Rosa has provided us with a mix featuring Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Hank Mobley, and many more.
Chris Robinson explores three recent albums from the London jazz trailblazer.