Harrison Samphir
Harrison Samphir isn’t good at sarcasm Open Mike Eagle is “president of the rappers that don’t condone date rape.” His latest record, Dark Comedy (Mello Music Group, June 10), is also one of the year’s best. Eleven producers and guests including Hannibal Buress and Kool A.D. make appearances over thirteen tracks of lo-fi electronic-heavy hip […]
Harrison Samphir believes Jose Offerman should be free Samo Sound Boy (Sam Griesemer) and Jerome LOL (Jerome Potter) were relatively obscure names in L.A.’s dance music subculture until they completed an EP called Stadium Status under the moniker DJ Dodger Stadium in 2011. Combining the uptempo, looping vocals of Baltimore ghetto-house and Miami bass with […]
Harrison Samphir is repping Winnipeg. Too often are discussions of ‘90s rap confined to the music that arose from the five boroughs of New York City or from South Central Los Angeles. While these cities are the bedrock of hip hop culture, it’s often helpful to look to the periphery, namely Canada, for some of […]
Harry Samphir kicks up dust when he writes. Madlib’s artistic canon is so extensive it’s sometimes easy to forget about 1999‘s Soundpieces: Da Antidote!, his debut release with fellow Oxnard, CA natives Wildchild and DJ Romes. More than a decade later, the record still holds up as a West Coast underground gem: 24 tracks of […]
Harrison Samphir is an editor and writer living in Winnipeg, Canada. This is his first contribution to Passion of the Weiss. Pass him all your drugs. The dude with the spacey flow debuted with the Odd Squad on Fadanuf Fa Erybody!! Signed to Rap-A-Lot Records, Devin Copeland went solo to drop a handful of classics […]