On its 20 year anniversary, a look back at Madlib & Kazi's unsung gem, "Black Market Seminar" -- currently being re-issued.
Summer Mixtape: PremRock July 24, 2014
Premrock is trying to one-up Joel Embiid’s Twitter feed. Photo by Gianna Leo Falcon. Chinatown will always hold a special place in my heart. Not the noir film set in LA but the one of a kind neighborhood in New York City. Summertime in Chinatown smells awful but if you want the best dumplings you […]
Harry Samphir kicks up dust when he writes. Madlib’s artistic canon is so extensive it’s sometimes easy to forget about 1999‘s Soundpieces: Da Antidote!, his debut release with fellow Oxnard, CA natives Wildchild and DJ Romes. More than a decade later, the record still holds up as a West Coast underground gem: 24 tracks of […]