Pranav Trewn
For the latest edition of We Outside, Pranav Trewn dives into the unfortunate sentiment felt across the entertainment industry – uninspired nostalgia leads to easy money.
For the first edition of his new We Outside column, Pranav Trewn dives into the state of the US festival market in 2024 – filling IG with posters eager to grab your attention, but relying on mass appeal names in efforts to offer a “well-rounded” lineup.
Pranav Trewn speaks to the former Das Racist rapper about his new album LAFANDAR with producer Lapgan, the development of his brand and label Veena, his dreams of being a teacher coming to life at NYU and more.
An Interview With Lapgan August 22, 2023
Pranav Trewn speaks to the producer about the depths of his crate digging, leaning into his South Asian heritage within his music, preserving the essence of historical source material and more.
Pranav Trewn speaks to the influential Chicago rapper about the release of his new album Virtuoso with Harry Fraud, experimenting with different sounds, never duplicating a flow and more.
Pranav Trewn speaks to Maxo about collaborating with Pink Siifu and Liv.e, using music as therapy, signing to Def Jam and more.
Pranav Trewn speaks to the Charlotte emcee about balancing school and rap, wanting to sound different artistically, touring with Jack Harlow and more.
If it’s become harder to hear hyperpop without all the accompanying baggage of context, That Kid reminds us why this music felt so potent in the first place.
Pranav Trewn talks to Rexx Life Raj about dealing with grief, the multi-generational artists of the Bay Area, leaving room for nuance and more.
Pranav Trewn gets back into the groove of live music in a post-pandemic world with San Francisco’s Noise Pop Festival.