List composed by Max Bell to the tune of… People Like Lists (So Meta) 40 rappers who changed their names. #SnoopLionRises The 10 best lines from God Forgives, I Don’t. “Fabricate bout…” whatever, apparently. #3Stacks 50 best indie covers of classic rock songs. I’m partial to My Morning Jacket’s rendition of “Rocket […]
This list was compiled by Max Bell atop Sugar Hill. People Like Lists (So Meta) Band name origins…kinda. #WhoWould’veThought Top Clams Casino Concoctions. #SomePeopleListenToThis Books about graffiti that you should read…or look at. #VanguardVandals Hip-hop “artists” hit Instagram. #JeffWeissWillUnfollowYou Complex outs a bunch of guys who you kind of remember. #Wasted […]
Links compiled by Max Bell. Inspiration via Grand Puba. People Like Lists (So Meta): In which Complex continues to suck us in with their lists, surely disappointing some and vindicating others, giving Ross the #1 spot and listing albums that have yet to be released. #AnotherComplexList In which Potholes offers a brief counter […]
After one listen to the latest Rudi Zygadlo single, the obvious node of comparison is Beirut with Beatz. But the Glasgow-based composer has always achieved a balance between the sacral and the secular, notably name-dropping a church steeple spied from his window as a chief early inspiration. Folk and Frank Zappa have always figured as […]