TE P. returns to interview rising Philadelphia rapper Kur on his self-sufficiency, writing raps while sleeping in his car, and finally breaking through.
Goodbye, Mr. Mooney June 11, 2021
Paul Mooney’s influence in the continuous conversation of race, politics, and our splintered relationship with America never waivered, TE P. writes.
TE P. talks to the legendary producer about reconnecting with his Bay Area roots, his discipline derived from the church and his widespread influence on the game today.
TE P. pays tribute to DMX's courage to come to us all as he was, and X's ability to take others' pain as his own.
TE P. speaks to Curren$y about how the veteran made his tireless work ethic look so effortlessly fluid.
TE P. speaks with the North Carolina artist about his hometown of Fayetteville, his faith, not having a defined process for his work, and more.
The rising Atlanta artist speaks to TE P. about the lessons he learned in prison, fielding multiple label offers for his music, and more.
TE P. speaks with the rising South Central rapper about his relationship with Nipsey Hussle, the devils populating the LAPD, and his mom always being called up to his middle school.
TE P. speaks with the legendary funk artist about leaving sports for music as a young man, Ohio musicians moving further afield to ply their trade, and much more.
TE P. speaks with one of Detroit's most vivid rap writers about the darkness of his upbringing, not wanting to make turn-up music and what his daughter tells people he does for a living.