As our MF DOOM tribute moves along, Nate Patrin evaluates DOOM's recent collaboration with BadBadNotGood.
Chris Daly speaks with Chester Hansen from BADBADNOTGOOD about their place in the jazz world, collaborating with vocalists, and their vault of unreleased tracks.
A "trilogy" three years in the making, BBNG talks to Dean Van Nguyen about recording SOUR SOUL with Ghostface
Because I am not-so-secretly animatronic and cynical, I cannot get into Future Islands. The histrionics and over-the-top aspects are a little too Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, the dance moves a little too frumpy dad, the pop sensibilities a little too on the nose — as though it’s indie rock and punk filtered through a […]
Tony Starks sluggish and twisted in the Couples Therapy-era teams up with the Canadian jazz fusion cream team. The beat, a Vitamin B shot, courtesy of the always good BadBaddingtons. It hits that Adrian Younge/RZA/Moricone murders-at-Lake Como vibe that Ghostface should be able to use to walk on water. The results are more mixed. The […]
For a fusion jazz trio inhabiting the Supreme’d and Stussied costumes of normal early 20-somethings, BadBadNotGood boast extraordinary talent. Beyond preternaturally refined chops, they have a patience that affords their songs a natural ebb and flow — the same one mastered by their smoked-out and sedated forebears. The time signatures on “Velvet” alternate between the […]
Zilla Rocca was there, you’re a square, y’all do not compare The greatness of Black Milk’s No Poison No Paradise LP was his approach as an emcee. The Dirty District MPC slapper has paid the bills close to a decade thanks to his J Dilla and Slum Village cosigned beats, but Black Milk The Rapper […]
Brad Beatson is the latest head coach candidate for the New York Knicks Phil Jackson would hire Matthew Tavares after hearing the opening run on “Triangle.” It leads the first third of BADBADNOTGOOD’s 9 track Innovative Leisure LP, and plays out like a noirish descent. Starting with drums and keys like a┬áMad Men preview, the […]
BADBADNOTGOOD — CS60 January 14, 2014
Signed to the 95 percent free-throw shooting imprint Innovative Leisuire, BADBADNOTGOOD continue their impressive evolution. If you’ve been following the inscrutable jazz-hop fusion crew for a while, you might be floored by their growth from “Lemonade” and OF covers. They always had chops, but now they’ve learned the sneaky skills that separate good from great: […]
BadBadPrettyPrettyGood April 18, 2012
Little known fact: The Passion of the Weiss staff is 34.3 percent Canadian. Common sense would dictate that we’d wave the Maple Leaf for whatever respectable outfit would come out of the land of the writhing sun. But if you’ve read this site for a while, you’d know that isn’t the case. Drake gets treated […]
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