Originally released as the third bonus disc of Madlib’s third Medicine Show, Otis Jackson’s Jr’s spare chops, flips, and other alembic contortions finally come to light. Nothing fancy, just drum slaps and stop-motion animation technique applied to old Nigerian highlife, Afro-beat, and Ethiopian jazz. Weird science from Beat Konducta always welcomed. All 13 Medicine Shows […]
Max Bell‘s book collection weighs a ton.   Stones Throw has never left you in the lurch. They put out new music every week.  More often than not, it’s good and well worth your time. Occasionally, it’s great and requires innumerable listens. Below are some of the latest offerings from label over the last month or […]
Brad Beatson is the latest head coach candidate for the New York Knicks Phil Jackson would hire Matthew Tavares after hearing the opening run on “Triangle.” It leads the first third of BADBADNOTGOOD’s 9 track Innovative Leisure LP, and plays out like a noirish descent. Starting with drums and keys like a Mad Men preview, the […]