Do the math. The same week that Kobe Bryant breaks the all-time shots missed record, the same week that Serengeti gears up to release the KD LP III, the same week that the Kings start to make people believe that they’re actually for real, we get the return of Shaq-Fu. Technically, this excavated track came […]
The Big Pun Facebook page decided to highlight this 18-month old Mister Cee tribute to the only Latin rhymer with a platinum plaque (who obviously didn’t count Prince Markie Dee nor did he live to see the Pitbull reign of terror). As a card carrying, Christopher Rios fan club member, I am obligated to post […]
Because the Internet bores me and every site seems compelled to post the same six songs every day, I am going to attempt to find old YouTube videos as much as possible. This experiment will inevitably last one more day (if that), but hey, one can dream. Here, we have Big Pun talking with Big […]