Zilla returns to explain why you should be listening to more Fat Joe.
Do the math. The same week that Kobe Bryant breaks the all-time shots missed record, the same week that Serengeti gears up to release the KD LP III, the same week that the Kings start to make people believe that they’re actually for real, we get the return of Shaq-Fu. Technically, this excavated track came […]
Harold Stallworth held you down for six summers. Last week, after many months of grueling deliberation, I finally trudged down to my leasing office and served the property manager with a notice to vacate. In the very near future, I’ll bid a fond farewell to the quaint streets of Montgomery County, to the farmers markets […]
Harold Stallworth wrote this off a six-pack of gluten-free beer. Fat Joe is a second-ballot Hall of Famer, but a rap legend nonetheless. As a technician, he’s never went to hell for snuffing Jesus, nor traveled at magnificent speeds around the universe. But en route to amassing a respectable catalog, he’s given us a staggering […]
Fat Joe continuing his one hot song every two years average. I need more interns to comb through Joey Crack records to scoop up the gems, but this got traction all over the Internet because Action Bronson’s slicked back hair is approaching the sheen of an Italian basketball coach and DJ Premier. You would never […]
Max Bell always preferred Allen Iverson. Today marks the re-release of Shaquille O’Neal’s rookie-season Reeboks shoes, The Shaq Attaq. If I had some disposable income—$160, plus tax—I’d be outside of Footlocker with my lawn chair and G-Pen like all of the other sneaker heads. Instead, I’ve settled for DJ Goulet’s (that one) commemorative Shaq Attaq mix, which […]
Hype Williams isn’t even trying anymore. But that’s fine, because nobody involved with Fat Joe‘s new video for “Pride N’ Joy” seems to be trying. Joey receives the Hype treatment of getting nothing but his torso on camera in front a multi-colored screen; Miguel and Roscoe Dash receive just enough screen-time to help you realize […]