Will Hagle is still spending money from ’88 Just one day removed from Stoned & Dethroned,  Blue Sky Black Death’s fourth collaborative Nacho Picasso LP, Kingston released Sirens, an 11-song album of instrumentals under the name 88 Ultra. It’s the producer’s first solo album, but it is recognizably rooted in the same Seattle cloudiness that […]
Nacho Picasso and Blue Sky Black Death reunite for the album that Seahawks should be pre-gaming to.
I made light that Run the Jewels was the antithesis of the Clams Casino and MF Doom pairing. But that was hyperbole spurred by both tracks leaking the same day. This is the actual counterpoint. Blue Sky Black Death were doing cloud rap before it had a name. They are from Seattle where the sun […]
Consider this an excuse to write again about the 100s, whose Ice Cold Perm has activated my iPod for the last month and one-upped Drake as the best half-Jewish half-black rapper alive. I knew we could do it. Blue Sky Black Death on the remix making beats that look like what you see when you […]
At some point, Nacho will have to mix in different flows, but in the interim, I will endorse anyone who gets daiquiris thrown at him, grabs weaves, indicts “boppin’ ass bitches,” and rhymes “Gee Willikers,” with “fucked the bitch so good, I had to steal her purse.” Maybe it’s misogynistic, but c’mon, it’s all jokes […]
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Nacho Picasso: acid head, Bob Saget key bump bummer, beat junkie, dagnabbit employer, home plate thief, bug-eyed cartoon, lung cougher, odd rabbit, Bourbon-swilling, bruh user, Dorothy Dandridge Fan Club President, Bronte aficionado, Raoul Duke degenerate, brunch eater, drug abuser, dyspeptic thinker, bad guy, lizard king, tattoo timeline. Good people. Lord of the Fly drops today. […]