Andrew Matson speaks to the group of Seattle innovators about coming together, the short film starring Nacho Picasso, and an extensive breakdown of their forthcoming album.
Nacho Picasso and Blue Sky Black Death reunite for the album that Seahawks should be pre-gaming to.
I suspect that if Nacho Picasso lived in LA or New York, he’d already be considered a national star. The psychedelic-slanted, lean-sipping, blunt-incinerating Seattle rapper is a regional star in the Northwest for good reason. He’s been consistently putting in work since 2011’s For the Glory., including a record with Blue Sky Black Death that […]
Slava P rents a room in Soulja Boy’s tree house. Sometimes you want a project that’s layered and heavy. Something you can chew on for months, dissecting it and adding it to your personal mythology before moving on. A project that you need to sit and take in for a few hours at a time […]
Nacho Picasso is still asleep when I arrive.  “Three more minutes,” he mumbles at me before stumbling back to bed and passing out. His cozy studio apartment in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle is oven-warm, and I make myself comfortable, occupying the only other piece of furniture — a chair. The space is dominated by […]
On one hand, the rap song named after the famous person meme has been dead since Lil B made “Charlie Sheen.” On the other hand, Nacho Picasso opens “Dean Martin” with a clip from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and spends the entirety of the video dressed up in a gray suit and bowtie. Don’t ask […]
Slava P rolled that blunt for Justin Bieber. Yes, there are people remaining on this world who don’t know the meaning of the world “ratchet –” and Avatar Darko and Nacho Picasso are looking to change that with “Ratchet As Hell’ (RAH).” Rapping over a dripping, slow-downed Slegdren & Cardo beat, Avatar Darko, the “scumbag […]
Consider this an excuse to write again about the 100s, whose Ice Cold Perm has activated my iPod for the last month and one-upped Drake as the best half-Jewish half-black rapper alive. I knew we could do it. Blue Sky Black Death on the remix making beats that look like what you see when you […]