Chris Daly hops on the spaceship and explores the Los Angeles jazz artist's latest release.
Torii MacAdams only drinks the galaxy’s finest malt liquors Who’s the anonymous man in a coat made of Opium den curtains, with leather-clad digits gripping a talk box? Very privately, a special education teacher, who, after the collapse of his reasonably successful band, was told to pursue his budding interest in outerspace music by friend/en […]
Jonah Bromwich thinks your mother is an astronaut Bowie, Floyd, and Herbie Hancock. French electronic prog, Daft Punk and Marvin Gaye. It’s a cool stew of influences that powers Captain Supernova’s just-released “The Captain’s Theme.” The Captain has been active on Soundcloud for a little over half a year, but for the most part has […]