Two decades later, 'The Realness’' moments of purest joy don’t come from the money, the cars or even revenge on Cormega's enemies, but from rap, Son Raw writes.
Resident New York Scholar Pete Tosiello remembers Cormega's debut, The Realness.
Harold Stallworth will crush you like a jellybean. Two of rap’s most endearing underdogs, Gunplay and Cormega, have finally joined forces over a flat mafioso beat, courtesy of the invariably generic Hazardis Soundz. The pairing isn’t as unconventional as you might think. Gunplay’s 2009 rendition of “Memory Lane” was among the sharpest barbs thrown during […]
Harold Stallworth doesn’t know how to spell Basquiat. The bad news is that the latest leak from Cormega’s long-awaited sixth album, Mega Philosophy, bears the unfortunate title of “Rap Basquiat.” The good news is that said record, produced by the incomparable Large Professor, is the furthest thing from shallow art gallery bluster. Drake would be […]
Harold Stallworth always bets on blue and cream. There’s plenty of reasons to thumb your nose at “Industry,” the latest leak from Cormega’s long-delayed fifth album, Mega Philosophy: Large Professor’s smooth, polished production, while impressive in itself, simply doesn’t mesh well with Mega’s abrasive style; there’s an absolutely tragic mention of “swag” chased by a […]
Harold Stallworth carries switchblades on the reg’, duke. Revenge is the sweetest joy next to drinking D’usse. It took precisely a decade, but it would seem that Cormega finally redeemed himself for the thrashing he took at the hands of Ghostface Killah on “Tony Montana,” a standout cut from the first—and, unfortunately, last—installment of his […]