Harold Stallworth will crush you like a jellybean. Two of rap’s most endearing underdogs, Gunplay and Cormega, have finally joined forces over a flat mafioso beat, courtesy of the invariably generic Hazardis Soundz. The pairing isn’t as unconventional as you might think. Gunplay’s 2009 rendition of “Memory Lane” was among the sharpest barbs thrown during […]
Douglas Martin is a pioneer of modern National Basketball Association fashion. For this piece, I was considering a long-ass intro, detailing the dearth of Dirty Shoes this year. I could claim to have taken a mental health day — er, half-year, but that’s not the whole truth. I could claim that I was busy getting […]
Patrick Redford was originally cast in the re-make of The Great Gatsby remake. It’s impossible to suss out motives from distance. Authenticity is a slippery virtue. But Savages are a refreshing affront to the trend of “indie” musicians seeking a moving target of cool–which is ironic that they’re one of the most hyped new bands […]