TE P. speaks with one of Detroit's most vivid rap writers about the darkness of his upbringing, not wanting to make turn-up music and what his daughter tells people he does for a living.
Son Raw speaks to the Detroit producer about his hometown and working with Boldy James on their forthcoming collaborative album Manger on McNichols.
Jameson Draper takes a detailed look at the Westside Detroit creative hub and the artists who frequently dwell its rooms.
Harold Bingo scours the streets of the D beyond Sada Baby and Payroll Giovanni to look at new projects from Cash Kidd, FMB DZ, Drego and Beno, Allstar JR, and Rocky Badd
Madeleine Byrne speaks with Black Milk about his development as an engineer, live bands versus sampling, and his approach to racial issues.
Paley Martin speaks with ZelooperZ about Bruiser Brigade, the Bothic way, and his relationship with Odd Future.
Max Bell is on a liquid diet You probably weren’t checking for Danny Brown in July of 2008. (I wasn’t.) Sure, you might’ve if you live in Detroit or had friends who attended The Shelter regularly. There’s also the possibility that you frequented Michiganhiphop.com, Hoodhype.com, or that you were one of the 11 people to […]
Son Raw makes 2 Live Crew look like some Mormons. Danny Brown ended XXX with a pained howl that would have made a fitting epigraph had drugs, violence or jail snuffed out his promising rap career. Thing is, that didn’t happen. Against all odds, the skinny jeans-wearing backpack-rapper with a blown out haircut and encyclopedic […]
We probably needed House Shoes and Hex Murda for ultimate last rites authority on all matters pertaining to the D, but the trio of Black Milk, Quelle Chris, and Denmark Vessey are among the best musicians that Detroit has produced over the last half decade. Knowledge was brought in via carrier pigeon and dispersed via […]
Evan Nabavian is pouring one out for Tone and Poke too. When Detroit saw a salvo of great rap around 2008, the names to know were Black Milk, Waajeed, House Shoes, Elzhi, Guilty Simpson, Royce da 5’9”, and Ta’Raach. But as with any great hip-hop scene, plenty more talent bubbled below the surface. In 2009, […]