Will Schube speaks to the Bruiser Brigade artist about coming up from a landscaper to a rapper, setting out to be vulnerable on his new album My Story Got Stories, the wisdom that's gone into each of his projects and more.
Ross Olson dives into the Detroit artist's fearless career thus far, including his work as an OG member of Danny Brown's Bruiser Brigade and his venture as a successful painter.
Son Raw breaks down how the remnants of Danny Brown's Bruiser Brigade crew have helped bolster Michigan's ever-strong rap scene through their latest three releases.
A short tribute to the unsung member of Danny Brown's crew.
Paley Martin speaks with ZelooperZ about Bruiser Brigade, the Bothic way, and his relationship with Odd Future.
Danny Brown is a lyrical rapper who stays paid. Lyrics can, in fact, lead to paying 100 racks in taxes a year. Danny parties like a Roman senator, but refuses to dumb it down like an American senator. He has stayed hungry and rowdy. See also: this new video from “Attak,” which I already hailed before. […]
ZelooperZ raps like the world is going to combust. It’s not future apocalypse Blade Runner rap, but something that closer approximates the fear of current decay. The latest single from the Bruiser Brigade breakout is called “Isolation,” and you can almost imagine him rapping it from an abandoned building in downtown Detroit, squatting with an […]