Did the Super Bowl finally get its halftime show right? In honor of Sunday's big game, Pete Hunt breaks down the times Dr. Dre missed the mark by a few yards.
Before Eminem Became A Cyborg September 5, 2018
Zilla Rocca remembers the brief moment when Eminem was really fun
A look back of six of the best of Dr. Dre's legendary Roadium Mixtapes.
Eazy E on the Arsenio Hall show at the height of his beef with Dre and Death Row. He is wearing a bath robe. This has made the rounds on the Internet many times over, but it came up in conversation with a friend a few days ago. Hence, I am re-posting one of the […]
Next week is the 20th Anniversary of The Chronic. If you’re old enough to remember copping the tape back in 1992, that sentence alone is enough to make you feel ancient. When I did an imperfect Internet survey five years ago, The Chronic ranked as the fifth greatest rap album ever. In last month’s LA […]
Often regarded as a lowly janitorial duty, the art of mopping floors is the first step on a young Prince’s journey to becoming King. Like a Zen monk learning to sweep to become enlightened, a young Dr. Dre parlayed his mop money into his first stethoscope and several of his first sequined suits. Young. A […]
Deen wishes Usher would sing about his Cavaliers stake more often. “3 Kings” is underwhelming as all the fucks in the world. I’m sorry. It’s beginning to feel as if I’m intentionally being douchey in regards to all things Rick Rawse, but I swear that isn’t the case. He’s just not bringing it. I ain’t […]
By Deen
Worst kept secret: slap Dr. Dre’s name on anything and it will sell. This goes for headphones to herb. You haven’t lived until you’ve smoked the Xxplosive line of double triple THC OG Great Grandpappy Kush. It was tied in with Dr. Dre’s last single, “Kush.” Am I joking? You will never know. So it’s […]
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It’s a distant memory now, but the guys from The Wash were once two of the most terrifying men in music. More importantly, they were two of the funkiest. Rap could use far less four on the floor and far more funk. Via Crates of JR.