Eamon Whalen gets more “ahhhhs” than inventors The solitary artist is largely a myth. That’s not to discount individual genius, but groups of people i.e movements and scenes, tend to push boundaries and shake balance far more significantly. This seems especially true of rap, where theres nary a new rapper that arrives without some kind […]
Eamon Whalen watches Orphan Black with all of his favorite clones I introduced St. Paul’s The Standard as a rap crew, but their new song “Decisions” finds them more in the aesthetic vein of a boy-band. There’s actually hardly any rapping on it all. Less TDE, more Jodeci. Allan Kingdom showcases his elastic, continually adventurous […]
Eamon Whalen ony runs his mouth when the sun goes south To quote the good doctor, Muja Messiah is still not loving police. He’s still thinking about Tycel Nelson, Fong Lee, Courtney Williams and Terrance Franklin — four cases of young men of color killed at the hands of the Minneapolis police department. Questions of […]
Eamon Whalen is portrayed by Billy Bob Thornton in FX’s new series “Fargo” Minneapolis is undoubtedly the cultural hub of the Twin Cities, but the college town/Capital city across the river is producing some of the most promising, progressive artists from their metro area. And I’d argue across the internet. As a Minneapolis lifer who […]