The POW Best Albums of 2018 December 24, 2018
The annual return of objectively the best Best Albums list since 2008.
Harold Bingo scours the streets of the D beyond Sada Baby and Payroll Giovanni to look at new projects from Cash Kidd, FMB DZ, Drego and Beno, Allstar JR, and Rocky Badd
Ethan Davenport breaks down the history of ad-libbing.
Joel Biswas swims through the abyss of '90s/early 2000s rap-rock to track down the best (and worst) of the genre.
Ethan Davenport breaks down the various hits being remixed this year.
Lawrence Neil explores the capitalistic underpinnings holding together Billboard's Top 100.
Nitish Pahwa breaks down the ten best versions of The Punch.
Cory Lomberg breaks down the seven Julee Cruise songs you need to hear but probably haven't.
A breakdown of Metro Boomin's development as a sample-based producer.