The veteran MC was recently tapped to add bars to the HBO series' slapper of a theme song. Dean Van Nguyen investigates.
Julian Brimmers speaks with Pusha T about growing up with Timbaland, his latest album, Darkest Before Dawn, and what lies ahead.
Thomas Johnson breaks down the new Pusha T video and the rapper's growing versatility.
Brian Josephs wants you to know Quavo is a precious angel who needs to be protected at all costs. If you’re familiar with church, chances are you heard of a phenomenon known as “catching the holy ghost.” It’s like when the horns of “Blood on the Leaves” blare in the club — with all the […]
Average age on this is about 37, proving that the No Flex Zone is an all-welcoming universal paradise garage, absent from flexation.  Rae Sremmurd is going to be the best rap trivia question answer in 2024. Via Nah Right
Abe Beame is looking forward to Bill de Blasio’s name being incorporated into Cam’ron lyrics. A few months ago, I examined Big Sean’s repugnant Hall of Fame. At the heart of the inquisition was the often undefinable concept of originality. What is it and how does it work? The question is hopeless, because by its […]
Slava P’s name is Slava P. Coltrane. Pusha T’s name is his name. This seems like a trivial thing for a 36 year old man who has been in the rap industry for over a decade to proclaim, but here we are. For the entirety of his career, Pusha has never been an island. He […]
The king of coke rappers meets the most sober rapper from the Ronald Reagan era. Boogie Down Productions samples and bongo drums and a whole lot of drug talk. The guitars straight from “D.O.A” straight from Janko Nilovic. Pusha remains “puntastic,” flashing his one Zoolander-like look (“White Steel”). But he sounds rejuvenated through his hatred […]