Julian Brimmers speaks with Pusha T about growing up with Timbaland, his latest album, Darkest Before Dawn, and what lies ahead.
Harold Stallworth will always roots for the villain. This year’s spring has been absurdly slow in arriving to Washington D.C., but better late than polar vortex. Bidding farewell to old man winter is a bittersweet occasion, seeing as how my dearest strains of music and fashion were born out of blistering winds and torrential snowfall. […]
No, No, No, Malice June 22, 2012
Jimmy Ness is having nightmares. Hearing half of the Thornton brothers do anything other than snarling coke raps seems weird. It’s like a convicted murderer claiming their religion to the parole board. So yes, listening to Malice post-conversion to Christianity feels off. He and Pusha T once wrote drug rhymes menacing enough to give Rick […]