Tomorrow night at Lot 1 in Echo Park. Be there be turned into a gold statue on DJ Khaled's front lawn.
One of LA's best and most slept-on bands returns.
The British producer forms with the psychedelic LA duo to make one of the year's Best EPs.
Since Halloween falls on a weekend this year, we decided to present a show on a Thursday. I am what they might refer to as temporally limited. But even though Scarface will not be banging sacks of flour over the heads of young trick-or-treaters, I will play “Mind Playing Tricks on Me” if you attend. […]
I am a reasonably simple misanthrope. If you write me a personalized e-mail invoking acid-addled jam sessions hatched in a desert ghost town east of Indio, I will probably at least check out your music. If it’s good, I will eventually post it. Ideally, you will bribe me with said acid, mescaline, or enough DMT […]
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Red Ferguson’s name sounds more like an early Adam Sandler alter-ego than one of the more interesting new guitar groups to emerge from LA in a minute (sort-of yes, French Montana).   Their Reset EP is the first thing that Bryan Gomez (Vocals, guitar, and MPC) and Alex Hastings (Bass and MPC) have done since they […]
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