When you’re a dance producer named RL Grime, the obligation is a Halloween Mix every year until that final headless all Hallow’s Eve.  Last year, the LA-based producer dropped razor blade apples full of Triple Six Mafia and TNGHT. This year, it’s everything from Clipse to LA beat world staples Eprom and Salva (in the […]
Let’s be unequivocal: there is no way to top “Love Sosa.” No matter whether you love or hate Chief Keef, it invalidates every argument you can have against his rise. Yes, most of his raps sound like he’s speaking drillvish. Yes, he’s about as lyrical as a Bazooka Joe comic. But he is as efficient […]
Since I first wrote about RL Grime last year, the New York producer has blown up. How much? He wrangled R.L. Stine to do the drops on his Halloween mix. Then again, even if his remix of “Mercy” (alongside Salva) didn’t rack up half a million listens and probably become the most played trap song […]
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Last September, I wrote about RL Grime, a New York producer affiliated with the Wediditcollective, who makes “post-Joker London future bass music that breathes with the pulmonary smoothness of a non-smoker, and the hypnotic transitions of a chronic drug user.” His “Grapes Alla Vodka” has been a staple at the Low End Theory ever since, […]
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