Spaceships' Little Buddha is an early contender for the Dirty Shoes Year-End List
Will Schube was built to last.  The problem with many retro-leaning bands revolves around a lack of balance. Some lean too heavily on nostalgia (a band such as Tennis comes to mind), some distract from the music by distancing themselves from what they do best (the forthcoming Parkay Quarts record does away with the Velvet Underground […]
Since Halloween falls on a weekend this year, we decided to present a show on a Thursday. I am what they might refer to as temporally limited. But even though Scarface will not be banging sacks of flour over the heads of young trick-or-treaters, I will play “Mind Playing Tricks on Me” if you attend. […]
Spaceships “Ghost” from Spaceships on Vimeo. For their first video from their impressively chill debut LP, Cool Breeze over the Mountains, Spaceships confront the very serious question of what happens when a man with a mustache crashes your couch party on some Echo Park stairs and takes you on an intergalactic journey. This is a […]
Spaceships in the Sun September 5, 2012
Spaceships made this video for $40, which they spent at the 99 cent store and on pizza and beer. And it is rad in the cheap summer fun way that things are supposed to be rad. Like sipping an Ecto Cooler Hi-C or a Squeezit. See also: Spaceships and the Return of Douglas Martin Music.
Douglas Martin has finally returned from an exclusive summit, where he drank limited-edition microbrews with Waldo, Carmen Sandiego, Machiavelli, and the members of Eat Skull. He is happy to be back. In spite of my absence from the music writing world for the past couple of months in favor of occupying myself with mental restoration […]
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