Dean Van Nguyen takes a look at the new Timbaland mixtape, trying to gleam a return to form by the legendary producer.
Abe Beame is so high, he’ll Never Land like Mike Jackson’s crib If you squint in a certain light, you can see the potential for Xscape, this month’s latest in what is sure to be a depressing parade of Michael Jackson mash-ups and “collaborations” as his estate continues to cash in on cutting room floor […]
The Brown Noise dislikes suit and tie raps that are cleaner than a bar of soap. I feel sorry for Missy Elliott. I really do. It’s pretty clear that she wants her big rap comeback to happen, but she has no idea how to go about reclaiming her throne from Nicki, or Azealia, or Angel […]
I never bought into the Missy is a visionary rhetoric that every critic spouted from 98-04. The moment Timbaland stopped kicking that George Jetson robotic futuristic shit, she disappeared into that afterlife of anonymity where MC Lyte and Da Brat currently reside. However, there is no denying that the two made some outstanding music, and […]
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