Hudmo Gets Snippy March 15, 2013
Jonah Bromwich can’t take no more [blackbirdpie url=”″] That’s Hudson Mohawke, chiming in on the album that everyone, including yours truly is talking about.  A funny coincidence, because “Sweet Silverskin,” an unreleased track from 2010, has an unmistakable Timbaland vibe, drum machines, sequenced horns  and laid back party atmosphere.  Of course, HudMo’s always been on […]
The Brown Noise dislikes suit and tie raps that are cleaner than a bar of soap. I feel sorry for Missy Elliott. I really do. It’s pretty clear that she wants her big rap comeback to happen, but she has no idea how to go about reclaiming her throne from Nicki, or Azealia, or Angel […]