When Jordan Pedersen says he has bitches on the phone, he’s referring to unpleasant customer service people. In Fist Stick Knife Gun, Geoffrey Canada talks about life in the Bronx before the proliferation of guns, about how you could get into a fight with another kid from the neighborhood without fear of getting shot up. […]
Will Hagle is singing “One Day” in honor of Mac Daddy. There is a Dizzee Rascal song called “H-Town” and it’s not about East London’s Hackney neighborhood. The hook consists of Dizzee repeatedly saying “I’m rolling round / H-Town / Texas man don’t hold me down.” It features Bun B and Trae and it was […]
Tosten Burks is -1 through 13. Nothing’s worse than a rapper’s cover art improving at a faster rate than the music. Luckily, Tree’s output is keeping up with his A&R. “Trynawin,” the first single off of Sunday School II – the sequel to Tree’s tape from last May that still stands as some of the […]
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Deen is smanging in swangers. I figured that by now I’d have begun to suffer from Future/Mike Will Made It induced fatigue, but three minutes and thirty seconds later, I’m glad to report that I’m still on the bandwag… erm, spaceship. As we all know, it’s a copy cat industry and every hot rapper/hook man/producer […]
By Deen
Deen is eighth cousins with Fat Pat. I live in Houston. Don’t try to find me – we don’t play that LL Cool J shit outchea. I’m not a native and I’ve only lived here for a little while, but there’s something special about the music scene here. Special in the sense that it inspires […]
Shit Yelawolf & Trae Say January 9, 2011
I was going to post this at the Tumblr, but the combination of Catfish Billy and the Truth deserves the marquee. With enough time and energy, I suspect that these two could come up with something superior to this quasi-boiler plate run-down of hardships witnessed. However, off sheer ability and the Herb Alpert-lite brass, it’s […]
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This space is usually dedicating to self-aggrandizing links to my own work, a shell game in which I re-direct traffic towards third party, corporate-owned entities, who insist upon paying me in pennies and gift certificates to Buca Di Beppo. This payment plan has resulted in allergies to fried vegetables and heavy pink sauces. Under strict […]
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