Will Schube will never sip wheatgrass with Talib Kweli Unknown Mortal Orchestra combines the sharper edges of kraut rock with the soothing delicacy of pop immediacy. Singer/songwriter Ruban Neilson’s voice gravitates towards that Dionysian indulgence while the music drives relentlessly forward. Early UMO singles like “How Can U Luv Me” and “Swim and Sleep” perfectly […]
Evan Nabavian holds the memory of Aaliyah’s midriff sacred. My roommate in college listened to Graduation and Tha Carter III on endless repeat. To this day, he never misses a Lil Wayne concert. One time I played him Flying Lotus’ remix of “I Feel Like Dying” and I could almost hear the whirr of confusion […]
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Since playing the penultimate Passion of the Weiss superextravaganza, the Unknown Mortal Orchestra have been blowing up. And by blowing up, I mean attracting the attention of a dozen or so prominent online outlets and the Echo Parkians and Bushwickians who love them. I wrote about them for the Times in April, but never cross-posted […]
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