Interview by Brad Beatson; Top photo by Drew Gurian; Body photo by GlitterGuts YC The Cynic leaves nothing to chance. He pauses before answering questions and maintains eye contact throughout conversation. He sends hundreds of emails on a weekly basis, making sure people hear from him directly and not through hearsay. He does this because his fans know he […]
The Molotov Cocktail-throwing, YC the Cynic returns with the video for “The Heaviest Cross.” Points allotted for mastery of the Tyler, the Creator psycho stare into the camera, the overturn of stuffed animals, general liveliness, and no overt crucifix imagery. A lesser talent would’ve just strung himself up on a pole and stared blankly while […]
Max Bell is throwing roman candles. The Bronx’s YC the Cynic was featured in HipHopDX’s “DX Next” column back in February of 2011, just before the release of his mixtape Fall FWD, a solid batch of looped NY-infused boom-bap from an MC in his early-20s that featured appearances by C-Rayz Walz and Homeboy Sandman. The next year YC released his […]