Whether you like the album or you don't, the Atlanta trapper's major label debut is a generational touchstone. Abe Beame explains why.
Young Thug makes everything better, including Chris Brown's "Wrist."
If Old Man Jeezy was hoping to rejuvenate his career, his new LP is unlikely to provide much of a spark to that cause.
Jimmy Ness pays Darren Collison Presidential parties, museum tours and marriage ensure we won’t be getting ‘98 Jigga bars anytime soon, but in 2014 “Seen It All” is as close as it gets. Jay-Z shunned Kanye’s wedding to the Kardashian dynasty last month, so there’s a chance Jeezy may become his new best friend. They’ve […]
Deen didn’t want to write this, but he had to. Ain’t this some anticlimactic shit? This might be the first reconciliation track between two previously “beefing” rappers that was simultaneously anticipated and unanticipated, if that makes any sense. I knew I was going to write this shit when Rawse tweeted the picture of him and […]
By Deen
All Deen sees is dollar signs. That’s the first thing they teach you in law school. Looky here. RiRi killed the OG version of this “Bandz” beat/GBE flow-aping shake junt anthem, but it was destined for a full on rap remix anyway. It’s only right, even if it’s redundant. So let’s get the most interesting […]
By Deen
Deen is higher than a pelican. I didn’t fuck with Jeezy’s music until he dropped The Recession back in 2008. Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration. It was really when “3AM” dropped that I was willing to allow that Jeezy was more than mere adlibs or that maybe being that mere adlibs wasn’t the worst thing […]
By Deen
Has this ever happened in rap history? Has there ever been a remix to a major hit single where they dry-erased all verses from the original rapper himself? Is this merely a sign of defeat? An acknowledgement that Trinidad James would get “1 Trained” alongside Tip, Jeezy and Tity? Or this just a ploy to […]
Deen is watching this and eating potcorn. “I take summers off ‘cos I love winter beef…” – NasGawd. Before I get into the details of this fake-real WWE shit, let me provide a bit of context for my disgusting enthusiasm and blood-thirst. If you know enough about me, you’ll know that my favorite kinds of […]
By Deen