In the wake of the tragedy currently roiling Ferguson, a song like Cory Jreamz’s “Freedom” hits a little harder. Written well before the death of Michael Brown, the Houston native weighs the price of freedom, myriad forms of systemic oppression, the death of Sean Bell and a chant to fuck cops. The fact that it […]
No time more fitting than now to drop “Berlin Blues,” in which Cory Jreamz of Houston exerts full Teutonic Sturm Und Drang. This is probably not the efficient 4/4 house numbers that Thomas Muller and company are currently celebrating with, but Jreamz gets the black and white German Expressionism tones down pat. In this dream, […]
Cory Jreamz, lamping in Houston in the Lynchain motel with the blue tint, blue static, and eyes that look like caves. Murder is on his mind more than money and it’s unclear whether it’s intentional or accidental. The video is directed by Jreamz, who is from Houston, and fast becoming the best young rapper/video director […]
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Within the first minute of the Invictus EP, Cory Jreamz writes a revisionist history where he’s the black man killing Nazi’s in Casablanca and calls himself the coal in the center of the sun. There is also a Sylvia Plath reference. This is stress-rap for film school kids. There are hi-hats and industrial buzzing and […]
Cory Jreamz makes art-rap at its most jagged. Syllables are bayonets, references are re-arranged like toy furniture in the hands of a bored child.  He is the Black Marlon Brando, the Black Ernest Hemingway, 2Pac, David Lynch, but clearly none of those people. He’s taking his heroes and dismembering them so you only see the […]
Rap music for those trying to buy DaVinci paintings, jam Killa Season in their car, and fuck Seal’s ex-wife. So almost everybody. Cory Jreamz sneers that his DJ left him like Garnett did Rondo and says that he’s going to swap him out for Eric B. This is art-rap for the enraged with style and […]
Cory Jreamz, Alive & Well October 3, 2013
Cory Jreamz, the Howling 19-year old Houstonite, returns with “Alive.” This is another one title with a video where Cory threatens to steal your soul with a stare down at the camera. He dreams of being the Black Marlon Brandon and doing Madonna “like Pac in 94.” Clips of Ali-Frazier fights, tendrils of smoke, and […]