Deen stays ’bout it. Hey there. It’s your resident Freddie Gibbs stan again. Call me biased, but Baby Face Killa hasn’t left the rotation since it dropped. But you already knew that. In any event, Fredericko decided to shoot a video for one of my favorite tracks on the mixtape – “BFK.” The second I […]
By Deen
Hola. It’s been a minute since I wrote anything about anything – that’s Freddie Gibbs’ fault. I’ve been bumping Baby Face Killa on a loop for a while now and I’ve had zero interest in listening to or writing about anything else. It’s that serious. I realize that it isn’t a perfect mixtape, but I’d […]
By Deen
Doc Zeus is the blog game, Roger Dorn. Things seemed so promising in 2008. Rap blogs had seemingly democratized how new artists were heard and a generational shift of new stars was ostensibly on the way.  A Zeitgest-capturing XXL cover hailed these “diverse” Internet-incubated rappers poised to lift hip hop out of the doldrums — […]
Freddie Gibbs, the last of the Mohicans, drops Baby Face Killa today. I will refrain from a full fledged review because Deen is on it and it may be the last thing he reviews this year. Thus, is the power of Gangsta Gibbs to steer him away from whatever else drops. How good is this […]
Jimmy Ness has judged several semi-professional Twerk competitions. Gangsta Gibbs is on a roll. The ex-train robber once dropped from Interscope has since carved a niche for those who prefer gritty street tales over label-endorsed lollipop guild rap. The Baby Face Killa has recorded an album, three EPs and at least a dozen collaborations within […]