In the Soil returns as Mano Sundaresan and Adam Gourabou round up the best of Massachusetts rap.
Mano Sundaresan and Adam Gourabou deliver the first edition of a new column centering on rap from Massachusetts.
Cousin Stizz Adds It Up August 22, 2018
Matt McMahon checks out Cousin Stizz's new EP.
Adam Gourabou speaks with 7981 Kal about being next up in Boston, rapping about life's struggles, and going to jail.
I was recently asked to make a list of my Top 20 favorite rap songs of all-time. This is an absurd endeavor, one prone to immense subjectivity, and impossible to accurately assess. But it was obvious that Baby and Clipse’s “What Happened to that Boy” had to be on it. Maybe it’s the Neptunes beat. […]