16 years after his debut studio album, AZ delivers 'Do or Die 2.' He joins Zilla to talk Quiet Money philosophy, the next generation and more.
In order to make a masterpiece from a misfire, Zilla Rocca pulls choice records cut by members of group, The Firm, which consisted of Nas, AZ, Foxy Brown, and more. In
Harold Stallworth wants to give you the world. For the better half of a decade, Brooklyn rapper AZ has been threatening to retire after the release of Doe or Die 2. The only caveat? The oft-delayed sequel to his cult classic debut is probably never going to see the light of day. Doe or Doe […]
Harold Stallworth will always roots for the villain. This year’s spring has been absurdly slow in arriving to Washington D.C., but better late than polar vortex. Bidding farewell to old man winter is a bittersweet occasion, seeing as how my dearest strains of music and fashion were born out of blistering winds and torrential snowfall. […]
  Harold Stallworth has an adulthood crush on LisaRaye McCoy. E1 Entertainment’s buddy-crime flick, Envy, stars the unlikely duo of rapper Anthony “AZ” Cruz and pop singer William “Ray J” Norwood. Before its unceremonious straight-to-DVD release in 2009, the film was shelved for the better half of a decade. This dates the original taping all […]
After a nearly four-year hiatus, AZ is finally gearing up to release his ninth studio album, tentatively titled “Doe or Die II.” His impact on the ever-evolving world of rap is difficult to quantify by hard statistics and direct influence. Despite never being the brightest star or biggest draw, even within his own freakishly talented […]
Intro inscribed illiodically by Zilla Rocca. The Firm’s self-titled album sold a million copies…and was universally considered a colossal failure, so much so that Eminem took a shot at it when he ghostwrote Dre’s verse on “Forgot about Dre”. The project was such a travesty that it fractured the relationship of one the most talented […]