Evan Nabavian sprinkles a little insight on the Bay Area legend's newest EP.
Evan Nabavian explores a somewhat overlooked period in the storied career of E-Feezy Fonzarelli by creating a POW exclusive mix.
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Jesse Taylor speaks with E-40 and B-Legit about their history of collaboration, growing up in Vallejo, and teaching young rappers about the industry.
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Will Hagle drinks E-40's booze so you don't have to.
Jake Slesinski revists E-40's 2003 record, 'Breakin' News.'
Kyle Ellison waves his finger in the air for slang prostitution It might have been Kanye playing coach in the video for ‘I Don’t Fuck With You’, but if Big Sean knows what’s good for him he’ll take his advice from the guy in the commentary box. E-40 has stayed fresh throughout three decades, outlived […]
Kyle Ellison is a Rossi Wine connoisseur. How do you go about learning to rap when your dad shredded the instruction manual years ago? With his little black book of slang and slippery, offbeat flows, E-40 is one of the most inventive emcees to ever grace a microphone – but studying his style won’t do […]
As everyone’s favorite flabby fan of fried foods did not opine: you already know.  I don’t need to provide you context for DJ Mustard because Lil Jon, Timbo and DJ Drama already do that for me on the tape, which took as long to come out as ketchup in a new bottle of Heinz. It […]