Jake Slesinski revists E-40's 2003 record, 'Breakin' News.'
A look back at why Pretty Toney might be Peak Starks.
Pete Holslin revisits the Sublime Frequencies re-issue of Iraq's technicolor compilation
Paul Thompson grabbed his pink fur out of storage while revisiting Cam'ron's breakthrough LP
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Think Paul Thompson’s a joke? Har-dee-har Every now and then, there are glimpses of the old Jay Z. You hear the half-maniacal laugh, you can still smell the crack in his clothes. But underneath the Samsung deals and the half-hearted veganism lies a bleak, existential truth: Jiggaman got rich and took the doo-rag off. Shawn […]
Alex Koenig found the needle in the haystack. On Oscar night 1998, Elliott Smith graced the stage in a crisp white tuxedo to perform “Miss Misery,” a tender ballad written for Gus Van Sant’s coming-of-age film Good Will Hunting. Nearly 40 million home viewers fixated on a performer who a little over a year prior […]
Peter Holslin is the seventh member of New Edition. I was two years old when Don’t Be Cruel came out. Bobby Brown was not a name I recognized. I knew nothing of this New Jack Swing classic. My only experience with New Jack Swing would come a few years later, with Vanilla Ice’s cameo on […]
Joshua Lerner died for your sins. Reading Just Kids, Patti Smith’s poignant retelling of her relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe and their magical early years in New York, provides a lot of context for her music. She wrote a song for Janis Joplin. She liked dancing to the Marvelettes. Dylan was her idol, but it was […]