Freddie Gibbs presents Shadow of a Doubt, his most cohesive and impressive album to date.
As I Tweeted yesterday, I listened to ESGN at the gym and after 45 minutes was asked to leave for trying to stick up the Gatorade machine. Gibbs dropping arguably the most hardest video since “We Outchea.” That killers on the payroll music. Other ESGN videos below the jump. Deen’s review is here.
Deen is already preparing for his June 27 Celebration. If you’re a longtime Freddie Gibbs’ fan, you definitely detected a slight difference in his demeanor while he was with Young Jeezy’s CTE. One could say that he was a bit “friendlier” and it was reflected in his music – which wasn’t a bad thing, given […]
By Deen
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For rap music’s sake, let’s hope that Gangsta Gibbs never finds peace nor serenity. There is something pure and cathartic about watching him spit ferociously over soul beats. Freddie Soprano calling others Big Pussy. What I love about Gibbs is that every song is essentially filled with subliminals at his enemies. He has never assimilated […]
Gangsta Gibbs has laid low for most of the year. But as Chance the Rapper said, everyone dies in the summer, so it’s fitting that he’s returned to the warpath. MadGibbs is finished and ESGN is imminent. And on a day when Kendrick and Q drop one of the hardest songs of the year, Senor […]